Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Been MIA,

Well Sorry to those who are reading my blog, I been MIA.. My pc got a virus and is At the PC hospital, and what i thought was my back up plan (the laptop) decided it's done with USB ports n stop reconizing themm SOOOO im stuck having to share with my husband and.. well as most men. he's not keen on sharing his "toys". SO i Not been able to update this blog, but while hes sleeping soundly in the bedroom, and I'm up still, (gotta run mom to the bank soon) I thought i drop a note that I'll be back to updating this again when I get my computer back. but i been busy in the meantime Crocheting up a storm, and reading books out of my James patterson book collection!.. I'm on CROSS rite now, that is one serriously good author and the Alex cross series is Killer!

Well Thanks for those few who do fallow me, i'll hopfuly be up in the saddle again soon