Friday, December 31, 2010


Out with the Old and in with the new.. is that what it's supose to be about
a time to make and break them Resolutions. Reason I don't bother to make any.

but if I was to make a resolution it would be, TO CROCHET MORE! lol. ;)
Do any of you have some resolutions? lets hear them. even if you have found my blog long after the new year has past.. still join in!


Well My followers I'm back. I decided to re-vive this blog,
just a note. You can fallow me on Twitter too. I use annmcc1976:)
and I could use some Tweeps!.

I also am on Etsy search seller backpocketbootie. and my 9 yr old daughter is on Etsy too (thru me) she loom knits hats.