Friday, January 8, 2010

Evil little puff's of cold.. have rained down on Ga (lmao)

SNOW!!!! UGG!!!

Well I know the weatherman/woman is Sometimes rite, but why did it have to be bout this??
I mean Yea, it's pretty for bout 30 seconds. but gesh I hate snow! Its cold, it's wet, it's slippery (and I'm klutzy) it Can cancel school when you were counting on having a child free house for at least 8 hours. But the lil Teaser fluries we had yesterday afternoon was just that, a tease.. saying "hello georgia I'm going to drop on you and cause all Heck to break loose". As it got dark I did not see anything Signifigant going on with the "snow", My kids were all sayin "Is there school tomarrow?" I told them "Yes honey it's not doing anything anymore and probly won't". Then Around 8itsh My Cell rings and it's the School bus driver, "Hello Is this Dylan and his sibings mom?" me, "Yes" bus driver. " This is The kids bus driver, there is no school tomarrow.. the roads are bad". I chuckle to myself "ok whatever thanks for calling even thou last i looked it had cleard up lol." Driver "well should see it in the part of the countie I'm in. the roads are bad and it's said to get worse so they called it off". I end my convo laughing and told hubby it was the driver.. NO school.. I get up and Look out my front door.. OMG it was comming down like crzy!. uggggg.

This is what I awoke to this morn, like i said. Pretty for all of 30 seconds till I open the door to get a picture and was blasted back with the bitter cold. makes me dream of a warmer climate, mabey The caribian or hawii, don't care, as long as it's hot, and sunny.

M-u-s-t Ha-ve COFFEE

Nothing says GOOD MORNING like a cup of Liquid sunshine!. better yet how about a Entire POT of Liquid sushine, Even better just set me up with a dang IV drip of the stuff, beacuse the 30 seconds it takes to prepare my coffee pot I could have alredy had my first cup..... or two lol,
So now that the shock of SNOW in g is over, Its time to do my Morning MUSTS!, What's yours? that one or 20 things you have to do every morning and you just feel so OFF if you do not do them. Mine
1. Turn on PC if hubby did not alredy do so for me 2. Brew coffee 3. Sit at pc, and Plug in Cell so i can get up online 4. LOG in and go directly to My Email, while that loads open a 2nd window and scope Craiglist Free page. (hey never know what i may find) 5. IF mail's not loaded an Craiglist bombs.. I then check my Crochetville, Then my Crochet Moez yahoo group to see all the new posts, and finaly My blog, Then if Nothing is going on.. I either hit for some games.. or go to the chair in the livingroom and Crochet or play Nintend ds.. depends on my mood. but if i do not do at least the first 4.. I feel so off. I tryed getting up and hitting the store before Coffee n Email and i just drag,

how bout you?
Speaking of, I still have yet to check my email and Crochetville....... no wounder im feeling like i forgot something..... LOL

Thursday, January 7, 2010


See the pretty brown n orange/reddish yarn YUP gonna look sweet as a big afghan mix with solid maroon and solid black :)

Well Those of you fallowing me know I LOVE to Crochet!. So getting yarn is Super exciting.. it's even more exciting when someone else buys it for me and chooses the colors I would have choosen!

My BFF Sarah had to send our Christmas package Late this yr... That is OK.. because it makes it exciting to get a big box in the mail and open presents even when it's not christmas.
So what was in our loot box!? Well a Shirt for Hubby, some toys and movie's for the kids, a box with some (can only get back home) Marinade for meat!! and some Only can get back home dry season and a bag of Candy cane Kiss's (ohhh sarah knows what i like ). and a box of candy canes!...
Also for me My Twilight movie (LOVE IT!) and YARN!!!! WHOOOT WHOOT.. Kicker is.. when the box came Tuesday, i had just been at walmart looking at some hooks and i saw some very pretty varagated yarn and Thought. WOW when i get some more money I'm sooo buying me some of that for a afghan... Fast fwd to home, and The mail man Honking his horn outside beacuse he had this big box in his truck and didnt wnt to get out and bring it alllll the way up to my door LMAO!.... be being a big kid.. Got the box inside and could not waite to tear into it to see just what my "sissy" Sarah sent us.. she always sends nice things. nd knows just the rite thing to get us. well In this wounderfull box of goodies. is 4 skeins of Yrn.. and 2 of them are the same color i was looking at that afternoon at wlmart!!!! YIP YIP... .. THANK YOU SARAH!!!!.

Its Snowing IN GA!!!!!! What the?

snow dusting our outdoor Turtle pond

NOt sure you can see it but LOOK at the FLUFFY FLAKES OF EVIL!

Snow? in ga?

Well I heard them calling for it to happen, and with living in the south n hearing it will dose not always mean that it WILL!... because were in the south rite? it dose not normally (notice i said Normally) Get cold enough for it to snow. but Low and behold it's Snowing. just like the weather man said... This time they shook their magic 8ball and it actually predicted correctly.
So outside my window I'm watching these lil fluffs of Evil fall to the ground and leave a ever so slight dust on my yard!. now apparently according to the Magic 8 ball that the local weather men/women shake.. this is supose to stick.. and some area's they say will get a 1/2 inch or 3/4 of inch. we will see.. but none the less. I'm staying the hell off the roads beacuse when it snows or even threatens to snow, all hell breaks loose and ppl flip out.. storm the stores and buy up all the Milk, bread, water and whatnots.. and brace to be snowed in for a day. or their verison of snowed in LMAO!... Now come on... I know Ga is not prepared for snow but this is nothing.. Try tredging chest deep in snowdrifts that would swallow a toddler. and deliever the Paper.. YUP.. been there done that... Living and growing up in Upstate NY, shows you what REAL snow is. this is just a small sky hickup that is going on outside.. but again. i'm in ga now and this is big... schools are closeing all over. the prob is being this dose not happen so often, they do not have the proper equipment to clear it in a timly manner, and ppl start to forget how to drive,... HELLO. drive like you would if it's raining.. Slow the heck down a bit, do not rush n freek out and you will be fine!.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Hump day!

Happy Hump day.. Who sent me the Cold?

I feel like i walked into a Teleport portal and Zapped myself up north! We are getting hit by a Nice Cold snap!.. and I am down rite Cold!. work up this morn to Temps in the teens but it felt like single digits.. had to check my surroundings for a min as i thought i was dreaming and was seriously back home in NY, while I do miss it there.. I do not miss it THIS much.

I woke at 5:30am.. to get all 5 kids up and ready for school... YUP 5:30 am. 4 of the kids ride the Handicap bus n it comes at 6:30 am. To early if you ask me but I have requested several times for it to change and I get told It's a no go. So after all kids are out the door.. around 7am.. I crawled back into my nice warm bed and drifted off to sleep and did not wake up till almost 10!. it was so warm in there i did not even want to get out, but The big bag of Dunkin Doughnuts coffee i bought Yesterday was calling "HEY ANNIE!! you know you want me" "I'm warm, and Rich and oh soo good, and you sure can't drink me layin in bed".
So i sucked it up and dragged myself up and made a pot of coffee ALL FOR ME! as hubby hates it.

I then started to do my morning MUST do's.... Coffee CHECK.... Facebook CHECK....Email CHECK... then it was off to my favorite place.> it's a nice online chat community of Ppl who love to crochet and knit.. I'm plum addicted to it. when I was done with that I played some with my husband.. it's wendsday and badge day afterall LOL!

I Decided after a Lunch of Subway Meatball and Chicken soup that i need to pick up my crochet hook. Im learning to Tunisian crochet, and i wanted to pratice "row count" "graphs"... I'm getting pretty fustrated with it. my color changes are looose and sloppy.. i just can't get them rite... So I decided that I'm going to make a square of just all single color n see how easy it is to Cross stich on it...

but If you do not know what Tunisian crochet is.. Check this site out... it gives great Instructions on how to do the stich. if you do not know how to even crochet then well.. that link is on that site too. it's a fun pasttime and you can create such great family treasures.

I'll take a picture of my grid im Crochetin later and add it to the blog.. in the meantime I'm going to go and do yet another check of C'ville.. (waves to her C'ville peeps)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

HEY im in the south... where the friggin sun.. it's C-c-c COLD

well it's almost 9pm and I am FREEZING. heat is on.. gloves are on.. but im still cold. the weather icon on my cell says it's almost 30 out.. 30 my left arm!!!!. feels colder.. but what gives...??? im in the south.. I thought it was supose to be warmer here? COLD is one of the reasons I left NY.
This morn it was like 8 with the windchill... burrrrrr... but i'm cold.. my hands are cold.. mabey I'll use my kitty Spooky who is so nice n warm.. purring and snoring on my lap. think she will mind?

this is spooky, the day i brought her home almost a yr ago. so pretty. also a great lap warmer.. and soon to be hand warmer. muahahahhhahhhh :)

First Dentist Visit 2 outta 3 girls Enjoy'd it!

Hannah (in pink) and Madyson at the Dentist

Well I"m back from Our Dental adventure. The girls were overly excited to get out with mom. I picked up my Sister and Mom so i'd have a adult per kid... JUST in case they had room to do all 3 girls at once.. that way someone would be with each child. but they did not do that...

They took Cheyenne my 4 yr old back first and what i thought would happen did... The Floodgate open up and the waterworks flowed. she would only open long enough for a quick peek.. but the Hygienist noticed cheyenne had a lil extra skin under her toung tacking it down. I guess she said it's also called "toung tied" and it could cause more speach delays as she gets older... she already has some delays in speach.. but now we know that this could be part of it and can get it corrected.
After that the dentist came in and chey opend her mouth long enough to have her teeth counted... and she flat out refuse to let them clean her teeth or even LOOK at their nifty "mr. softy" electric toothbrush or "mr slurpie" the sucker thing. so unfortunaly i could not get any First dentist app pics :(
when i went to take Chey back to mom and sis.. and told them about the toung thing.. my mom commentd "you had that problem too as a baby and they clipped the skin" "GESH THNKS MOM" never told me that one.

Then Hannah went back n did awsome.. i was able to get her pic in the chair getting her cleaning
she was a trooper and had a good time.. n was great for the dentist!. but yup she has a cavity :( but oh well least it's on a baby tooth.

finaly was Madyson, she did good too! got her teeth cleaned and giggled the whole time.. and was super for the dentist... she too has a cavity. and all 3 girls were told to brush better..


After the kids apps. My mom had to run to wolly world., wich by chance was next door to the Dentist.. so we ran in.. and of course being a bigtime craft nut I had to go to the fabric n craft section to look for a "cro hook" ( and a lady was there chcking out suplies.. I commented on the lack of suplies and she agree that you can get much more for the same price online!. she was then saying how she is going to try to learn either crochet or knitting.. I suggested Crochet as it to me is so much simpler, and I offerd to send her some info on it and how to do it video's in her email. ;) Hopefuly She enjoys it as much as I do. mabey i suggested in email that being she said she happens to live up the road that we could mabey meet for coffee and crochet one morning and i can help her learn. I sure had a easier time when i had hands on instruction, I may not be the best teacher but at least i can show her the basic's.

My First blog

Good Morning Cyberspace,

This is my very first blog Entry. It's a little after 7 in the Morning and I been up a hour or so... Today was the kids first day back to school after the holiday's. Well 2 kids went.. My boys... the girls have Their First Dental Appointments this morning. This should be a adventure....Ummm Not!.

Back home NY They Did not see you till I think 6 or so.. and even then the Waite list for dentist was Crazy. The only one Taking kids was a few hour drive.. SOOO Not driving a few hours for a dentist. So We will see how this goes with 3 very Rambunctious girls, Thank god My mom is coming along so My husband can stay home just in case it takes longer then expected.. someone has to be here for the boys rite?

Well a little about me for those of you who well... Do not know me.
I'm a 33 yr old Mom of 5 1/2 kids.. YUP the 1/2 is my husband. sometimes he's worse then the kids, but arn't ll hubbies? My kids are 2 boys ages 12 and 9. and 3 girls ges 8, 6 and 4.
I am a born n raised in Upstate NY (down here in the south Im considerd a Yankee lol).
we moved from NY bout 3 yrs ago to "sunny" georgia. Not to far from the Alabma boarder.. You serriously can SNEEZE and just bout miss that your in AL as well as in the central time zone. (now that is weird).. (Funny you cn step on one side n say IT"S 4pm.. NO it's 3pm.. NO its 4pm.. no 3pm. lol.. (yes i actualy did that nd my kids thought mom finaly lost it).

Well anyway.. lol. I love it in ga most the time. I do not miss the snow or cold.. even thou today it feels like I'm home.. it's a bitter 18* out.. feels like 8 with the windchill.. I think all my NY friends are cursing me n sent me this cold weather. But I miss my friends and family back home, esp my BFF Sarah and her family. Life in the south is Very intresting. You'd not think it be any diffrent then anywhere else.. but in a way it is.. Esp when I get Funny Looks beacuse of MY accent... (I have a accent? when that happen)

Whats so diffrent? well FOOD! lol. there are things i just can't find here. and i get the looks of Total confusion when i go to "wolly world" or piggly wiggly (yup a store called piggly wiggly).
For exzample.... not long after moving here.. I wanted to make "salt potatoes" (for those of you who do not know what they are.. they are the little round pottoes.. cooked in a big pot with lots of salt I think sea salt not sure... but you.. then drain, cut and slather with butter.) well .. I wanted some of them to go with our dinner. so I go to walmart Expecting to find them. I can't? so i ask the guy working in the veggie department.. and he is like.. "you want what?". "salt potatoes" i said. "what the hell is that" he said, so I explin to him.. "the little round tatters you cook in a big pot of salt water"...
"he said never heard of that" "can't u use the little red potatoes n dump salt in a pot n get the same thing?"

Then the Pizza dough Incident . how hard is it to understand someone asking for a ball of pizza dough? I am the daughter of a Former pizza maker.. My dad made pizza for a local bar back home in broome countie called Kelly's for something like 20 yrs.. , and my dad made dang good pizza.. and he taught me how to make them. Ask any of my friends.. My pizza is gooooooood. well.. back to my storie. I went to walmart (notice a trend here.. w.a.l.m.a.r.t). and i was looking for the balls of dough I always buy from walmart (the walmart back home).. and i can't find it.. now considering it's typicaly in the deli area.. i ask.. n the girl gives me this Glazed over confussed look. "a ball of dough".... "yes I want a ball of Pizza dough"..... The girl "what's that". "what's a ball of dough? i ask" "its the big round blob of dough you have BEFORE you roll it into pizza" i reply. "oh we don't sell anything like that i dont think".. She gose to get someone else and They come back OHHH YEA we have that lemme show u". (yes this is going to be good just waite for it)... This Dumbell Takes me to the area EGGS are and hands me a friggin POP N FRESH Pilsbury biscut can.. n says "here you go is this theDough". i said" YOU KIDING ME this is not pizza dough.. this is friggin The pillsbury dough boy crap. I want Dough.. the crap you have before you bake a big loaf of bread.""they come in 1 pound balls".. I left more fustrated then the potatoe incident.

So of course No Homemade pizza for us that night. but My Cousin heard of my problem finding Dough nd told me what store sells it.. THANK YOU PUBLIXS and Cousin Buddie. so we finaly got our home made pizza... but now i do not even do that.. i got me a bread maker and I mix my own dough now and man is it ever yummy... kids love it when we go out to "momma hut"

What elese is diffrent Southern Living... LMAO.. omg.. I got sick of being home all the time and not having money of my own.. so i got a job 3rd shift at Mcdonalds, Mainly so i can be home days with the kids (total mistake).. well I discoverd SWEET TEA. Never had it. Apparently in the south Sweet tea is a whole drink of it's own. Now i hav had Sun-tea. (brewd tea cooled and sugar added.. or plain if you like that). My BFF Sarah. and My Other Friend Beth.. Both their moms ALWAYS had it.. Beth's mom always had a big jug on her back porch in the summer Slow seepin. .. I swear they drank it by the gallon. (Love ya mom Nan ;))... but apparently in the south it's called SWEET TEA.. and it's not even the same as "ice tea". but Ask Nan or sarah.. lol would Annmarie EVER touch sun/brewd tea.? HELL NO!. NASTY.. Gimme a can of Lipton Lemon sugar tea mix N i'm happy.

Well I was asked at work to go back n make sure the tea had sugar in it.. I'm like HELL NO. i hate brewd tea. NASTY! well I guess you do not tell a manager NO.. but I did.. Told her Unless you want me to Puke on your shoes YOU taste it.. I do not like brewd tea.... She then Told me taste it or else (playfully) "you may find that you actualy like it".. well i sucked it up cause NO ONE ElSE would try it. cause they don't like it either. well I tell you what.. That stuff is Crack in a cup!. who woula thunk it! Annmarie Drinking BREWD TEA!.. now of course I put lots of sugar in it..

Those of you who don't know Mcdonalds puts entire bag of sugar in their big erns of tea!. but Heck it's Yummy. So for those of you who always wounderd.. yes.. Sweet tea, sun tea and Ice tea are ALL DIFFY! lol.. so nextime I'm home or if i go visit "Mom nan" I'll actualy Proly Drink the tea now lol.

other things diffy in the south.. SPEACH! lol. You hear Phrases like "the store is over there yander" or "go mash that button will ya" (tht is one hubby said an still says nd it bugs the hell out of me)... I came home from work one night n said to joe. "OMG I stumbled into Joeyland" he ask me what i meant and i told him "THEY SAID GO MASH THAT BUTTON" he cracked up.. cause he knows It drives me nuts to use the word mash like that. just sounds nasty "go mash that button" I mashed the handle" EWWWW.

well anywho lol. man this is fun.. who woulda thunk it!

more bout me? ok Lets see i coverd that i am married with 5 1/2 kids rite?? lol
well Im also "mom" to 2 cats. spooky and Onyx , 4 Ferrets Emilie,Buster,saber and Skittles. and 6 Turtles.. 5 of wich are just lil baby turtles... we plan on someday building a lil pond in our backyard for them..

I LOVE to Read, esp James patterson, I'm a Twilight Nut! GO TEAM EDWARD. I love vampire stories.. nother good one is House of night.. Gimme a book and quite and I can knock that sucker out.... I read the entire Twilight series in like 2 weeks (got kids so not bad) and i read all the harry potters in about the same time span. Hubby thinks im nuts. he can't see how i can read so much.

I also do many Crafty things. I Cross stich. althou i have not done it in ages.. but I know how to. My bff sarh and her mom Lynne Taught me yrs ago. (I LOVE YOU MOM N SARAH)
I also Plastic canvis (also taught by Mom and sarah). I Started to sew.. something I always wanted to do. ever since discovering my mom's old singer sewing machine as a kid. The one that sits inside a table.. yea it was a cool machine. well Hubby bought me machine like 11 yrs ago and i never learn how to realy use it. I just would sew 4 stright lines n such.. use it to mend pants n rips.. nothing crafty... but after i got Ferrets I started to sew them bedding (can't go wrong with 4 straight lines). Mom Lynne was supose to show me how to realy use it but I moved :(. but I found finaly free sewing class's up the road.. I'm gonna go to my fist class tonight!.

i also Crochet.. that is my main addiction. I love to crochet. Smething bout taking a ball of yarn and turning it into a blanket, hat or other work of art is just so much fun.
I love making hats for my daughters, and Cousin's kids(i have yet to send them to her lol)
I also have made a lot of afghans. but never worked with patterns till recent. I use to just get yarn.. Chain the length i want n Stich.. n design as i go (also called wingin it)
but I just started to learn how to do items from a pattern.. sooo

Rite now my WIPS (works in progress) are..... ATW afghan that can be found here.
I'm a little over 300 squars into it. it's about 1073 squares

as well as Just hats in general, I do not have a specific one.. I usalystart out with a base pattern for a benie n just wing it from there to make unique hats.

Also I am working on a shawl for my mom.

and I just learn to Tusisan crochet... and I'm going to start making "graphghans" Tusisan is sO much fun!. Next im going to learn to Cro'hook

well That is it for now. I'll have a entry later when I see how the girls Dental gose.. I may have pics too