Friday, January 8, 2010

Evil little puff's of cold.. have rained down on Ga (lmao)

SNOW!!!! UGG!!!

Well I know the weatherman/woman is Sometimes rite, but why did it have to be bout this??
I mean Yea, it's pretty for bout 30 seconds. but gesh I hate snow! Its cold, it's wet, it's slippery (and I'm klutzy) it Can cancel school when you were counting on having a child free house for at least 8 hours. But the lil Teaser fluries we had yesterday afternoon was just that, a tease.. saying "hello georgia I'm going to drop on you and cause all Heck to break loose". As it got dark I did not see anything Signifigant going on with the "snow", My kids were all sayin "Is there school tomarrow?" I told them "Yes honey it's not doing anything anymore and probly won't". Then Around 8itsh My Cell rings and it's the School bus driver, "Hello Is this Dylan and his sibings mom?" me, "Yes" bus driver. " This is The kids bus driver, there is no school tomarrow.. the roads are bad". I chuckle to myself "ok whatever thanks for calling even thou last i looked it had cleard up lol." Driver "well should see it in the part of the countie I'm in. the roads are bad and it's said to get worse so they called it off". I end my convo laughing and told hubby it was the driver.. NO school.. I get up and Look out my front door.. OMG it was comming down like crzy!. uggggg.

This is what I awoke to this morn, like i said. Pretty for all of 30 seconds till I open the door to get a picture and was blasted back with the bitter cold. makes me dream of a warmer climate, mabey The caribian or hawii, don't care, as long as it's hot, and sunny.

M-u-s-t Ha-ve COFFEE

Nothing says GOOD MORNING like a cup of Liquid sunshine!. better yet how about a Entire POT of Liquid sushine, Even better just set me up with a dang IV drip of the stuff, beacuse the 30 seconds it takes to prepare my coffee pot I could have alredy had my first cup..... or two lol,
So now that the shock of SNOW in g is over, Its time to do my Morning MUSTS!, What's yours? that one or 20 things you have to do every morning and you just feel so OFF if you do not do them. Mine
1. Turn on PC if hubby did not alredy do so for me 2. Brew coffee 3. Sit at pc, and Plug in Cell so i can get up online 4. LOG in and go directly to My Email, while that loads open a 2nd window and scope Craiglist Free page. (hey never know what i may find) 5. IF mail's not loaded an Craiglist bombs.. I then check my Crochetville, Then my Crochet Moez yahoo group to see all the new posts, and finaly My blog, Then if Nothing is going on.. I either hit for some games.. or go to the chair in the livingroom and Crochet or play Nintend ds.. depends on my mood. but if i do not do at least the first 4.. I feel so off. I tryed getting up and hitting the store before Coffee n Email and i just drag,

how bout you?
Speaking of, I still have yet to check my email and Crochetville....... no wounder im feeling like i forgot something..... LOL

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