Thursday, January 6, 2011


I decided to Start a new blog. and get rid of this one. as I want to focus my blog on NOT just crafts but Kids!. So Crafting parents can talk about not just their Atrist ablitity but their kids too :) plz fallow me over here instead


Friday, December 31, 2010


Out with the Old and in with the new.. is that what it's supose to be about
a time to make and break them Resolutions. Reason I don't bother to make any.

but if I was to make a resolution it would be, TO CROCHET MORE! lol. ;)
Do any of you have some resolutions? lets hear them. even if you have found my blog long after the new year has past.. still join in!


Well My followers I'm back. I decided to re-vive this blog,
just a note. You can fallow me on Twitter too. I use annmcc1976:)
and I could use some Tweeps!.

I also am on Etsy search seller backpocketbootie. and my 9 yr old daughter is on Etsy too (thru me) she loom knits hats.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Been MIA,

Well Sorry to those who are reading my blog, I been MIA.. My pc got a virus and is At the PC hospital, and what i thought was my back up plan (the laptop) decided it's done with USB ports n stop reconizing themm SOOOO im stuck having to share with my husband and.. well as most men. he's not keen on sharing his "toys". SO i Not been able to update this blog, but while hes sleeping soundly in the bedroom, and I'm up still, (gotta run mom to the bank soon) I thought i drop a note that I'll be back to updating this again when I get my computer back. but i been busy in the meantime Crocheting up a storm, and reading books out of my James patterson book collection!.. I'm on CROSS rite now, that is one serriously good author and the Alex cross series is Killer!

Well Thanks for those few who do fallow me, i'll hopfuly be up in the saddle again soon


Friday, January 8, 2010

Evil little puff's of cold.. have rained down on Ga (lmao)

SNOW!!!! UGG!!!

Well I know the weatherman/woman is Sometimes rite, but why did it have to be bout this??
I mean Yea, it's pretty for bout 30 seconds. but gesh I hate snow! Its cold, it's wet, it's slippery (and I'm klutzy) it Can cancel school when you were counting on having a child free house for at least 8 hours. But the lil Teaser fluries we had yesterday afternoon was just that, a tease.. saying "hello georgia I'm going to drop on you and cause all Heck to break loose". As it got dark I did not see anything Signifigant going on with the "snow", My kids were all sayin "Is there school tomarrow?" I told them "Yes honey it's not doing anything anymore and probly won't". Then Around 8itsh My Cell rings and it's the School bus driver, "Hello Is this Dylan and his sibings mom?" me, "Yes" bus driver. " This is The kids bus driver, there is no school tomarrow.. the roads are bad". I chuckle to myself "ok whatever thanks for calling even thou last i looked it had cleard up lol." Driver "well should see it in the part of the countie I'm in. the roads are bad and it's said to get worse so they called it off". I end my convo laughing and told hubby it was the driver.. NO school.. I get up and Look out my front door.. OMG it was comming down like crzy!. uggggg.

This is what I awoke to this morn, like i said. Pretty for all of 30 seconds till I open the door to get a picture and was blasted back with the bitter cold. makes me dream of a warmer climate, mabey The caribian or hawii, don't care, as long as it's hot, and sunny.

M-u-s-t Ha-ve COFFEE

Nothing says GOOD MORNING like a cup of Liquid sunshine!. better yet how about a Entire POT of Liquid sushine, Even better just set me up with a dang IV drip of the stuff, beacuse the 30 seconds it takes to prepare my coffee pot I could have alredy had my first cup..... or two lol,
So now that the shock of SNOW in g is over, Its time to do my Morning MUSTS!, What's yours? that one or 20 things you have to do every morning and you just feel so OFF if you do not do them. Mine
1. Turn on PC if hubby did not alredy do so for me 2. Brew coffee 3. Sit at pc, and Plug in Cell so i can get up online 4. LOG in and go directly to My Email, while that loads open a 2nd window and scope Craiglist Free page. (hey never know what i may find) 5. IF mail's not loaded an Craiglist bombs.. I then check my Crochetville, Then my Crochet Moez yahoo group to see all the new posts, and finaly My blog, Then if Nothing is going on.. I either hit for some games.. or go to the chair in the livingroom and Crochet or play Nintend ds.. depends on my mood. but if i do not do at least the first 4.. I feel so off. I tryed getting up and hitting the store before Coffee n Email and i just drag,

how bout you?
Speaking of, I still have yet to check my email and Crochetville....... no wounder im feeling like i forgot something..... LOL

Thursday, January 7, 2010


See the pretty brown n orange/reddish yarn YUP gonna look sweet as a big afghan mix with solid maroon and solid black :)

Well Those of you fallowing me know I LOVE to Crochet!. So getting yarn is Super exciting.. it's even more exciting when someone else buys it for me and chooses the colors I would have choosen!

My BFF Sarah had to send our Christmas package Late this yr... That is OK.. because it makes it exciting to get a big box in the mail and open presents even when it's not christmas.
So what was in our loot box!? Well a Shirt for Hubby, some toys and movie's for the kids, a box with some (can only get back home) Marinade for meat!! and some Only can get back home dry season and a bag of Candy cane Kiss's (ohhh sarah knows what i like ). and a box of candy canes!...
Also for me My Twilight movie (LOVE IT!) and YARN!!!! WHOOOT WHOOT.. Kicker is.. when the box came Tuesday, i had just been at walmart looking at some hooks and i saw some very pretty varagated yarn and Thought. WOW when i get some more money I'm sooo buying me some of that for a afghan... Fast fwd to home, and The mail man Honking his horn outside beacuse he had this big box in his truck and didnt wnt to get out and bring it alllll the way up to my door LMAO!.... be being a big kid.. Got the box inside and could not waite to tear into it to see just what my "sissy" Sarah sent us.. she always sends nice things. nd knows just the rite thing to get us. well In this wounderfull box of goodies. is 4 skeins of Yrn.. and 2 of them are the same color i was looking at that afternoon at wlmart!!!! YIP YIP... .. THANK YOU SARAH!!!!.

Its Snowing IN GA!!!!!! What the?

snow dusting our outdoor Turtle pond

NOt sure you can see it but LOOK at the FLUFFY FLAKES OF EVIL!

Snow? in ga?

Well I heard them calling for it to happen, and with living in the south n hearing it will dose not always mean that it WILL!... because were in the south rite? it dose not normally (notice i said Normally) Get cold enough for it to snow. but Low and behold it's Snowing. just like the weather man said... This time they shook their magic 8ball and it actually predicted correctly.
So outside my window I'm watching these lil fluffs of Evil fall to the ground and leave a ever so slight dust on my yard!. now apparently according to the Magic 8 ball that the local weather men/women shake.. this is supose to stick.. and some area's they say will get a 1/2 inch or 3/4 of inch. we will see.. but none the less. I'm staying the hell off the roads beacuse when it snows or even threatens to snow, all hell breaks loose and ppl flip out.. storm the stores and buy up all the Milk, bread, water and whatnots.. and brace to be snowed in for a day. or their verison of snowed in LMAO!... Now come on... I know Ga is not prepared for snow but this is nothing.. Try tredging chest deep in snowdrifts that would swallow a toddler. and deliever the Paper.. YUP.. been there done that... Living and growing up in Upstate NY, shows you what REAL snow is. this is just a small sky hickup that is going on outside.. but again. i'm in ga now and this is big... schools are closeing all over. the prob is being this dose not happen so often, they do not have the proper equipment to clear it in a timly manner, and ppl start to forget how to drive,... HELLO. drive like you would if it's raining.. Slow the heck down a bit, do not rush n freek out and you will be fine!.