Thursday, January 7, 2010

Its Snowing IN GA!!!!!! What the?

snow dusting our outdoor Turtle pond

NOt sure you can see it but LOOK at the FLUFFY FLAKES OF EVIL!

Snow? in ga?

Well I heard them calling for it to happen, and with living in the south n hearing it will dose not always mean that it WILL!... because were in the south rite? it dose not normally (notice i said Normally) Get cold enough for it to snow. but Low and behold it's Snowing. just like the weather man said... This time they shook their magic 8ball and it actually predicted correctly.
So outside my window I'm watching these lil fluffs of Evil fall to the ground and leave a ever so slight dust on my yard!. now apparently according to the Magic 8 ball that the local weather men/women shake.. this is supose to stick.. and some area's they say will get a 1/2 inch or 3/4 of inch. we will see.. but none the less. I'm staying the hell off the roads beacuse when it snows or even threatens to snow, all hell breaks loose and ppl flip out.. storm the stores and buy up all the Milk, bread, water and whatnots.. and brace to be snowed in for a day. or their verison of snowed in LMAO!... Now come on... I know Ga is not prepared for snow but this is nothing.. Try tredging chest deep in snowdrifts that would swallow a toddler. and deliever the Paper.. YUP.. been there done that... Living and growing up in Upstate NY, shows you what REAL snow is. this is just a small sky hickup that is going on outside.. but again. i'm in ga now and this is big... schools are closeing all over. the prob is being this dose not happen so often, they do not have the proper equipment to clear it in a timly manner, and ppl start to forget how to drive,... HELLO. drive like you would if it's raining.. Slow the heck down a bit, do not rush n freek out and you will be fine!.

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  1. I live in KY and we do get a little snow, usually a few inches. Today, schools were canceled before snow even started to fall! I grew up in northern Illinois and it was nothing to drive in a foot or sometimes even more of snow and schools were hardly ever canceled. Here, if it snows, there is no school for at least a day. Crazy isn't it?