Thursday, January 7, 2010


See the pretty brown n orange/reddish yarn YUP gonna look sweet as a big afghan mix with solid maroon and solid black :)

Well Those of you fallowing me know I LOVE to Crochet!. So getting yarn is Super exciting.. it's even more exciting when someone else buys it for me and chooses the colors I would have choosen!

My BFF Sarah had to send our Christmas package Late this yr... That is OK.. because it makes it exciting to get a big box in the mail and open presents even when it's not christmas.
So what was in our loot box!? Well a Shirt for Hubby, some toys and movie's for the kids, a box with some (can only get back home) Marinade for meat!! and some Only can get back home dry season and a bag of Candy cane Kiss's (ohhh sarah knows what i like ). and a box of candy canes!...
Also for me My Twilight movie (LOVE IT!) and YARN!!!! WHOOOT WHOOT.. Kicker is.. when the box came Tuesday, i had just been at walmart looking at some hooks and i saw some very pretty varagated yarn and Thought. WOW when i get some more money I'm sooo buying me some of that for a afghan... Fast fwd to home, and The mail man Honking his horn outside beacuse he had this big box in his truck and didnt wnt to get out and bring it alllll the way up to my door LMAO!.... be being a big kid.. Got the box inside and could not waite to tear into it to see just what my "sissy" Sarah sent us.. she always sends nice things. nd knows just the rite thing to get us. well In this wounderfull box of goodies. is 4 skeins of Yrn.. and 2 of them are the same color i was looking at that afternoon at wlmart!!!! YIP YIP... .. THANK YOU SARAH!!!!.

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  1. What a great gift, indeed!!!!! Can't wait to see the finished afghan :)